Bullet casings …

Bullet casings …

Thanks to my son’s rifle club, I now have a reliable source of raw material in the form of brass bullet casings.

These are great for melting down as they are nice and clean. They are also very convenient for charging the crucible due to their small size.

The above bag contains just over 16Kg of empty bullet casings.

Awesome stuff!

This is another great way of recycling waste material. The gun club have said they’d prefer a local artisan such as myself buy the scrap off them rather than selling it to a scrap merchant. This way local people and businesses are supporting each other which gets a big thumbs up from me.

The gun club have also asked if I could produce a handful of small plaques for engraving. They wish to fix them to some guns they’ve been gifted and the idea is to use the brass from the casings which is a super cool. This represents my first commission and whilst I’ll be doing this as a freebie, it’s great to be able to produce something that will be enjoyed by somebody else.

The rifle club (.22 section) facebook page can be found here.

As such, my brain has already started pondering designs and how best to cast the plaques. 🙂

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  1. That’s great news on a regular supply of base material, I am sure you can come up with an ornate design for the plaques.

  2. Indeed. Cheers … I don’t think it will be anything too ornate but hopefully something slightly more than just a simple flat piece of brass.

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