My name is Gavin and I live near the old market town of Petersfield in rural East Hampshire in the United Kingdom.

My interest in bronze casting began in 2016 when I joined a single day workshop at Butser Ancient Farm. I followed this up a year later when I attended Will Lord’s three day bronze casting course. Since then I have been casually reading around the subject and have now equipped my own workshop with a small furnace and associated equipment. I am keen to learn about the craft practiced by our Bronze Age ancestors millennia ago – their methods and the artefacts they produced – in addition to modern day bronze casting techniques.

Now that I have my own workshop set up, the plan is to continue developing my skills in casting and pattern production. I have a few simple projects lined up to enhance my skills and gain further real-world experience.

Plans for the future

I would love the opportunity to work alongside my local museum (https://www.petersfieldmuseum.co.uk/collection/archaeology). Back in 2014, Petersfield Museum started a four year community-archaeology project on Petersfield Heath. This has contributed greatly to the knowledge of Bronze Age burial practice and has provided some invaluable additions to the museum’s collection. It would be great to have the opportunity to study some of the artefacts recovered from this project with a view to producing replicas.

I have a few ideas for various trinkets that may have a niche appeal. Additionally, I would be more than happy to accept commissions to produce bespoke pieces of small bronze work.

I will continue to update the blog with my experiences so please remember to check by regularly. Please also follow me on my AlloysOfCopper Instagram page.

All the best.