Welcome to AlloysOfCopper.co.uk which is the home of my journey into the world of casting with (largely) copper based alloys. I say ‘largely’ because I may explore using different metals at some point in the future.

My interest in casting spans from modern day hobbyist techniques through to the methods used by our ancestors 3000 years ago. I am also keen to learn more about the artefacts produced by the Bronze age peoples.

I will record here all my experiences, thoughts, opinions, and anything else I think is relevant. Successes along with failures and lessons learnt will all find a home here. It will serve as a personal diary and reference for me but I hope it will also be of interest to others, irrespective of their level of involvement in bronze casting and its history.

Further content will also be posted on my Instagram account so please follow me there for more photos.

I hope you enjoy what you read amongst these pages and thank you for stopping by.